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How is Veer doing? 50%+ sold

By February 26, 2007

Veer Lofts

Veer Lofts isn’t giving up numbers but here is what I know (I’m confident in the flats number being up to date but the flexi and full lofts is from last week which means they’ve likely sold more.)

Total Sold Avail
Full 29 6 23
Flexi 36 10 26
Flat 36 32 4
101 48 53

Clearly their more affordable units sold very quickly and the higher end units are a harder sell. 412, my favorite, is still available. Unfortunately Veer has an 18 month lock preventing you from selling for a profit. However, for hardship cases you can sell but only are able to keep 8% appreciation. I haven’t read the purchase and sale and don’t know the fine print on this.

Units are available to the public now. If you stop by mention to Jon and team you read the blog and also note down how many units are still available in each category so I can update the post :) (unfortunately they know me there making it difficult to sneak in and grab pictures and write down inventory numbers.)

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