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Who is the Internet Provider?

By January 17, 2010


Publicola has published a couple of interesting pieces recently on the discrepancies between broadband speeds in different neighborhoods of Seattle. The differences stem from the fact that while 89% of the city is covered by Comcast cable, which has an 89% “very satisfied” customer service rating, the rest of the city (Beacon Hill, the Central District, and parts of downtown) is covered by Broadstripe, which has a “very satisfied” rating of 48% and speeds reportedly as low as 6 Mbps.

Our shiny new mayor and his CTO have a plan to lay fiber city-wide which would provide 100 Mbps symmetrical Internet service, television including high-definition, and unlimited voice calling. Until then though, I’m adding another bullet point to my list of “Questions to ask on condo tours”, you’re not served by Broadstripe, right?