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Sign is finally down

By October 15, 2007

Trace Lofts

‘As promised’ Friday morning at 9am someone removed the sign obscuring three of my windows. It had been up for about four weeks after I had closed and moved in:


I must say that the sign coming down dramatically improved how I feel about the unit. This weekend with the sun out it was just so nice to be able to look out my windows and have light coming in. I think this issue really hits home the importance of continuing to support your buyers post-purchase, especially given how likely it is for people who make large purchases will likely suffer some degree of buyers remorse and will require post sales support to re-enforce their decision.

In trying to calculate how much this sign might be worth to them I visited the 2006 Seattle Traffic Flow Data and Maps. Looks like my Average Annual Daily Traffic is about 32,500 which explains why it is so noisy during the day. I now need to track down some sign advertising companies to determine what the prevailing rate is.

At least one reader (via email) sounds disappointed that none of the units are obscured by signs any more:

My name is [removed]. I have been following your blog with interest and found your recent post about the sign somewhat disturbing. Earlier this year I was in touch with people at the sales center, but then decided to buy into the Brix. I am thinking about stopping by at Trace again and tell them I want to buy at Trace after all, but only if all the units come with those nice window covers…

And while I am happy the sign is gone I think its removal ends my power struggle with my archnemesis, Jim, at EK. [Tear]. Maybe I’ll add him to my Enemybook.

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