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urbanTrees Modern Townhouses video and pictures

By October 5, 2009


Please welcome Sarah to Urban Living. Sarah is looking to buy a condo with her husband and has graciously offered to help us out with some blogging! If you too would like to write a guest post or blog more regularly let me know ([email protected]).

urbanTrees is a new modern townhouse development on 19th and Yesler in the first hill neighborhood.

Here’s a video walkthrough of Unit A (2 bed/2 bath listed for $425,000):

The agent in the video, Jeff Eccles, is very nice and sorta reminds me of Mike McGinn – in a good way. And he gets mass hipster kudos for being able to have an informed conversation about the Rat City Roller Girls.

I also took a spin through Unit B. It’s also a 2 bed/2 bath, but it has about 200 less squarefeet. It’s listed at $365,000. The second bedroom in Unit B is squished into the first floor, but the kitchen is huge and takes up about half the second floor. Full size fridge, unlike Unit A. The master bath has a deeper tub than Unit A, but a smaller shower.

The price per square foot is about the same for both at $285, which is low for the zipcode:

Pratt park is directly across the street, and SOHO Coffee Company (live music! free wifi!) is just down the block, so the neighborhood does have some nice draws.

They are definitely trying to market this as a “green” development, but they aren’t trying for LEED certification. The main things that they will tell you about repeatedly are the solar heated hot water, flooring from reclaimed pallets, walls and cabinets from recycled materials, and siding reclaimed from pickle vats.

Pictures after the jump…

Brick path/garden area between house and sidewalk:

Kitchen (look at all those electrical outlets! yay!):

2nd floor livingroom:

View from deck off the master bedroom on the third floor: