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Wait, the artists can live here!

The Seattle PI has an article entitled, 296 square feet — but it’s home, that is about the small units at Moda, that new Belltown development. Park two of GMC’s biggest Sierra pickups next to each other. That’s a lot of truck, but a small condominium — at least by Seattle standards. But a local… Read More

The departure of our artists

The Stranger has an interesting article this week about artists no longer being able to afford Seattle so they’re moving to Portland, Seattle’s Hottest New Hood: Over the past couple of years, significant members of Seattle’s music community have been drifting south, drawn by Portland’s inexpensive cost of living and vibrant creative community. While many… Read More

Lumen’s Neighbor

If you buy at Lumen your neighbor to the south is going to be the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation campus. Here are some preliminary design concepts: Looks nice, but just think of how long it’s going to take them to build it. Couple that noise with Mercer street traffic *shudder*.

Would you live in a church?

Ben has a post about First Church being converted to condos. I’m trying to go to the focus group on Thursday to find out more. Sounds weird.

Press Apartments to be converted to condos

Carl sent me a note that the Press Apartments are now going to be the Press Condos and pointed me to this article in the Puget Sound Business Journal, : Earlier this week, Wysong and Granite Peak paid developer Harbor and partner Heath $33.4 million for the Press 1 and 2 Apartments on Capitol Hill’s… Read More

Sunday Seattle Times

It’s been a while since I’ve picked up a Sunday Seattle Times. Here are the ads that had something interesting to say: Bolero: 6 units remaining – 69 sold in 3 months Epic: Over 68% sold. Immediate occupancy. Free homeowners until 2009. La Toscane: Over 50% sold Moda: Presales starting fall of 2006 (now added… Read More

Queen Anne Pre-sales Beginning

I got an email today about Queen Anne Highschool Pre-sales beginning: Starting very soon, we will be holding private tours by appointment with our priority registration interest list prior to the public grand opening. Homes are now being sold to the interest list on a priority basis, and the attempt is benig made to contact… Read More

What is the Veer brand?

Textura Design, Veering Off Brand: When you visit the Veer site, you get a whole “paint it they way you want thing.” Uhm … not so much. The creative professionals they’re marketing to can “Revel in what they create” from the 3 choices they give you. And, of course, up sell you to more. That’s… Read More

Seattle blog

Here’s another blog for you all to check out: Urban Life at the Foot of Seattle’s Space Needle

Lumen Sales Center Photos

I recently visited the Lumen sales center. Here are some photos and my notes. Lumen Model Hosted on Zooomr Lumen Spectra Kitchen Hosted on Zooomr Lumen Spectra Kitchen Hosted on Zooomr Lumen Model Floor Plan Hosted on Zooomr Lumen Bathroom Hosted on Zooomr Lumen Shower Hosted on Zooomr Lumen Living Room Hosted on Zooomr Lumen… Read More

5th and Madison Photos

Before heading out on vacation I also stopped by 5th and Madison and I must say I was pretty impressed. Their sales center isn’t at ground level like so many other ones, in their case it’s on the 20-something floor of the building next door to their lot giving you excellent perspective on what your… Read More

Domaine Photos

Before leaving on vacation I stopped by the Domaine sales center to snap a few photos: Domaine Model Hosted on Zooomr Domaine Kitchen Hosted on Zooomr Domaine Kitchen Detail Hosted on Zooomr Domaine Bathroom Hosted on Zooomr Domaine Finishes Hosted on Zooomr I’ll have to dig up my notes but overall I was fairly impressed… Read More

Domaine Incentives

There are a number of incentives if you’re looking to purchase at Domaine: Flat screen TV Seller funded interest rate buy down, which keeps your payment significantly lower the first few years. First year of seller paid HOA dues, also keeps your monthly expenses lower.

Eastlake Preview Event

Interested in loft living on Eastlake? If so check out the Eastlake Loft preview on Thursday, September 14 at The Eastlake Bar & Grill (2947 Eastlake Ave. E.) 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm. This will be the first chance buyers will have to preview the individual floorplans of the various homes, view the luxury interior… Read More

Hjarta preview this Saturday

Just a quick reminder that the Hjarta preview is this Saturday at noon. I can’t make it but you should go and let us know what you see :). You can find them at 1546 NW 56th St in Ballard.

Two weeks vacation

I’m headed off on vacation for two weeks. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves and leave any interesting articles or new developments in the comment.

Must read post on new construction

Alright, the Seattle PI blog has had some okay articles about new condo construction this week, but this blog post is a must read for all buying or considering buying new construction: New Construction Condo’s (new doesn’t mean perfect). The post, while short, talks about why you want your own representation, what happens when the… Read More

Negotiating On Price

Seattle PI blog has a post, New Construction Prices, where they answer the question about negotiating on the price of new construction. With the amount of supply on the market increasing, at least in downtown Seattle, and developments having a hard time selling (Domaine?), you might have some luck. If you do, please let us… Read More

Bait and Switch on New Condos

The Seattle PI Real Estate Blog has a post about apparently a common occurence in the new condo market, The Old Bait “n” Switch: The listing agent for the project will post only one or two units, out of perhaps dozens, on the multiple listing service, each with reasonable prices–usually under $200k. If you’ve been… Read More

Updated list

Now that I’ve got this great new way of keeping tracking of all the latest Seattle condos tonight I went through and updated the list with all the latest condos I’ve heard of and read about in the Seattle Times. If I’m missing any or you have some details to fill in, please let me… Read More