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What is the Veer brand?

By August 25, 2006

Veer Lofts

Textura Design, Veering Off Brand:

When you visit the Veer site, you get a whole “paint it they way you want thing.” Uhm … not so much. The creative professionals they’re marketing to can “Revel in what they create” from the 3 choices they give you. And, of course, up sell you to more. That’s a lot less sizzle to the building when you also consider the neighborhood of parking lots, soda factory, and the buildings that can go up around you.

I agree with a lot of the points in the post. To me, ‘Revel in what you create’, means I can buy a shell unit and bring in my own designer and finish it how I want. The reality is, if I’m lucky, I’ll get a Veer unit and will then proceed to rip out the kitchen and bath. Which is a waste and not very environmentally friendly.

The other thing I was wondering about, but really haven’t given it too much thought or investigation, is that I bet a lot of diluition of the inspiration and design must occur between all the different professionals involved in this project. For instance, if they’re requiring us to come in and attend these information sessions why not also bring in the architects and designers? I’d love to hear from them directly about their thoughts on the projects.

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