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Olive 8 Interiors!

I got a peak at the Olive 8 interiors tonight, completely missing my Meritage annual meeting. Whoops! (Thanks to the Urbnlivn reader who tipped me off to the broker’s open tonight.) Olive8 is currently 85% sold with closings happening now and move-ins starting in a week. With the market being what is you can expect… Read More

WOW: The Other Queen Anne School Condo

I almost didn’t click on it. But WOW. This place looks AWESOME. It’s unit 110 at West Queen Anne School located at 1401 5th Ave W on the top of Queen Anne. 3,000 square feet for $2.35m. If that is too much for you check out #408. South-west penthouse unit. But it’s been on the… Read More

Most Popular Condo of the Week: Queen Anne High #104

I think I’m going to start a new weekly feature where I blog about the most popular condo on Redfin in the last week. Here goes… The most popular condo listing this past week was unit #104 at Queen Anne High. It could be the most popular because of the attention from the recent Queen… Read More

Update on Escala: Move In Oct 2009

I recently received an update on Escala. Surprisingly it was a rather plain email though rather text heavy. Here’s the most interesting part: Escala is fully funded and will be complete in late Summer 2009. We expect homeowners to begin moving into their homes in October and November 2009. Our 1 bedroom homes are located… Read More

Remaining Queen Anne High Sellers Cut Prices

After the Queen Anne High Auction two non-developer owned units slash their prices. Will the prices cuts be enough to sell them? Unit 104, a 911 square foot 1 bedroom unit, cut their price from $400,000 to $350,000 bringing them down to $384/Sq. Ft. Unit 528, a 1,005 square foot 2 bedroom unit, cut their… Read More

Round Up!

Lots of good stuff elsewhere that you should go read if you haven’t already: WSJ, Love Thy Neighbors Loft Huge Ass City, Escala is Latin for Embarrassment. So true. I second the nomination for Seattle’s Most Embarrassing Condo Project. Meanwhile, Escala part 2 may be en route. Huge Ass City, Did Somebody Say Context. I… Read More

Large Two Bedroom at the Seaboard

I’m not the biggest fan of the interiors for this unit but I do have a bit of a soft spot for the Seaboard because it’s an older building. If you’re looking for a large, 1,800 square foot two bedroom downtown and have the ability to stomach a large mortgage (list is $1.3m) check out… Read More

Want to Write For Urbnlivn?

I’ve got lots of things I want to post about but no time… So I’m looking for a writer again! This time FOR REAL. Don’t make me hire someone off Craigslist. I’d much rather find a reader! If you’re interested in writing drop me a line at Only condition is that you can’t be… Read More

1521 Update: 50% closed

Received an email from 1521: To date, 63 of the 120 pending presales have closed – the balance of which are scheduled to complete over the coming weeks and months, depending on the level of unit customization, which was common in the top third of the building. During the presale process, 138 of the 143… Read More

The Best Condo Marketing Yet This Year

Wow, Thornton Place just blew up the Seattle condo marketing world with their “layoff protection” program. It’s the best buzz since Olive 8 announced their price protection. Check out the buzz on Twitter and all the press mentions. The details of the program are (according to their press release): Homeowners who get laid off within… Read More

Queen Anne High Auction Results: Everything Sold

Reader Ross leaves a comment about the Queen Anne High auction results. I’m re-posting it here since he took some great notes. Thanks Ross! I attended the Queen Anne auction today. I didn’t win any properties, but overall it was an interesting experience. The 13 units were sold is about an hour. Most of the… Read More

Small Loft at Pike St Lofts

Can’t afford the sexy $500k+ places that I usually blog about? Here’s a $250k unit in a building I like on Capitol Hill. It’s at 615 E Pike: Looking at the interior photos its got some funky bed on top of a bookshelf sleeping loft thing going on: And it drives me nuts when listing… Read More

Lumen Next To Auction Off Remaining Inventory

With the Queen Anne High auction today (how’d it go??) time to move our attention to the next auction. I hear the Lumen will be the next Seattle condo to auction off their remaining inventory. The auction will be handled by Kennedy Wilson who handled the auctions for The Press and Queen Anne High. It… Read More

Enso “Special Pricing”

As we wait for Rollin to go apartment (or has it already?) Vulcan is still pushing Enso:

Sneaky Leona Advertising

Leona sent out this ad boasting a huge price reduction: However when you look closer at the listing: You see that it’s actually been priced at $300k before and that the $429k price is from back in June of ’08! Thanks to Adam for the tip!

Wicked Loft in Pioneer Square

I love it! 210 3rd Ave S Unit 3D aka “The Lofts” looks amazing. It’s almost 1,500 square feet with 1 bed/1.75 bath. Priced at $579k. Last sold in ’06 for $530k. Not sure I’m a fan of the fireplace though… Compare to this similarly sized 17th floor unit at Cristalla priced at $1.2 mil… Read More

1111 Skyline

I’m glad that 1111 give us back our sidewalk this past weekend but I’m not pleased with the skyline: Couldn’t they have done a better job housing all that roof top machinery so it isn’t such an eye sore?

Photos of NoJo Rowhomes

On Friday I swung by NoJo Rowhomes before work and took some photos since I know how much you love my crappy photography. One of these days I’ll get a Flip HD video camera and start posting crappy videos :). Your comments on it are mixed. But I like it. Plans are from Pb Elemental… Read More

Gallery Slashes Prices

Gallery Lots and lots of price reductions this week, too many to list, ranging from $20k up to $90k. For example #409 went from $295,000 to $275,000 making it a reasonable $456/Sq. Ft. On the other extreme, #114 went from $739,990 to $635,000. Gallery isn’t the only one reducing prices, many other Williams Marketing buildings… Read More

NoJo Rowhomes – Modern Design on 12th

NoJo Rowhomes, north of John (get it?) on 12th are just up the street for me. They’re right beside the Pb Elemental 12th + John Residence. Anyhow, I think the name is kinda lame… But they turned out rather nice since they don’t look like the usual bland townhouse crap we see around town. I… Read More