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Queen Anne High Auction Results: Everything Sold

By March 22, 2009

Queen Anne High

Reader Ross leaves a comment about the Queen Anne High auction results. I’m re-posting it here since he took some great notes. Thanks Ross!

I attended the Queen Anne auction today. I didn’t win any properties, but overall it was an interesting experience. The 13 units were sold is about an hour. Most of the auctions ended in about 3 minutes or so, though a couple had back and fourth bidding wars that lasted a bit longer. I was bidding oppurtunistically, but didn’t expect to win (I was mainly concerned with the high HOD and potential that they increase further due to low reserve funds).

Click to see the Queen Anne High auction results including original price and closing price.

Probably the best deals of the day were the penthouse unit that sold for only about 5% over the starting bid and unit 287 (a townhome with decent views of DT closing at $360K). #267, the first item up for bid, closed at the lowest cost per square foot – $281 – which is very good for Queen Anne… The closing bid for 167 seemed high to me, at $336K (#167 was used as the sales center and had some wear + #267, directly above with a better view went for $324K). Otherwise, most units seemed to end in about the same general area. If someone has a list of the most recent MLS prices for these units, it would be interesting to compare them to these closing prices.

For those curious here’s Redfin’s stats & trends on Queen Anne:

And Komo has a video, Bargain hunters snatch up condos at auction:

Update: Here’s a PDF from agent, William O’Brien, QA Auction Results [pdf]

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