Condo of Glass and Mirrors at the Concord

Unit 1001 at the Concord is quite the unit. I don’t quite know how to describe so we’ll just quote the listing agent who describes it as, “stunning floor-to-ceiling mirrored walls create an unparalleled panoramic effect”. Complete with mirrored kitchen island, clear furniture and great views. Words don’t do it justice. Check out the photos!

Last sold in Dec ’99 for $327k. Now $509k for 1 bed, 1 bath and 949 square feet.

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Graph of appraisals

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  • Cgustafson

    Why won't your appraisal form accept my offer of $150K? I think the price is right.

  • mattgoyer

    There's a min, max on the form to prevent lowballing :).

  • Cgustafson

    Yes, but a real auction has no minimum ask.

  • EconE

    I was waiting for you to blog this one.

    Got windex?

  • loverboy

    Candlelight + Man + Woman = Endless Possibilities *wink* hahahahaa

  • The MD

    Are you f*cking kidding me? They forgot to mirror the ceilings.

  • mattgoyer

    We should have had a poll: do you think the buyer will rip out the mirrors or leave it as is? (or mirror the ceilling to get the full effect.)

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