5 Reasons Not to Buy Above Unfinished Retail

For three years we have lived directly above a massive unfinished retail space, that space is now in the process of being built out.

Here are at least five reasons not to buy above unfinished retail:

  1. Eye sore: Unfinished retail is usually plastered with ads letting prospective retailers know that it is available. These ads generally use cheesy stock photography and look terrible.
  2. Nothing to enjoy: It’s hard to enjoy empty retail space. But retail space with a restaurant, bar, gym, shop, etc, that is easy (though sometimes costly) to enjoy.
  3. Higher heating bills: In the winter, why heat an unused space when you can leave it unheated? The only downside is for those directly above the space because the cold seeps in raising your heating bills.
  4. Higher cooling bills: In the summer, why cool an unused space when you can leave it a sauna? We’d cool our space down to 70′ this summer, it’d be <70' outside and yet the heat in our unit would steadily rise once we closed our windows. I blame the hot air rushing in from below.
  5. Buildout sucks: Once the retail space is leased you have to live through months of 12-14 hour a day construction. Fortunately we wake up before they start which is just after 7 am and try and drown the noise with music when we come home.
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I love condos, lofts, floating homes, new construction and mid-century moderns so much so that since starting this blog in 2006 I've written over 2,000 blog posts about them!

For years I resisted becoming a real estate agent preferring to be a marketing executive at Redfin but after leaving Redfin (after seven years!) I caved in the spring of 2014 and became a broker. So if you need help finding that "Urbnlivn-style" place or selling your home email me at matt@urbnlivn.com, I'd be happy to help you.

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  • Jeff

    Are you in a wood frame or concrete building?

  • stopwhining

    How about thinking about the 5 reasons mentioned before you thought about buying above an unfinished retail space eh? hahahaha ….. stop whining! In a perfect world you would be living in a million dollar home bought only for pennies and there is world peace and every day is a weekend and weather is like paradise…….wake up and deal with it! hahahhaa

  • Jeff

    We are directly above a commercial space in a concrete and steel building and experience none of those issues. In fact, just the opposite, unit stays nice and warm, we have never turned on the heat, it is super quiet, AC keeps the place plenty cool. We enjoy the added privacy, and see the location in the building as an asset.

  • My Other Car’s the Tardis

    AND–there’d be a Stumptown or Top Pot within walking distance. Oh, the humanity!

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