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Spire’s New Promotions

By March 20, 2020


Spire, the 342-unit building scheduled to complete winter 2020/2021 has now poured concrete to the 36th floor. Likely in recognition of our uncertain times, Spire sent out an email with a number of promotions today:

  • Buyer bonus: $10k for 1 bedrooms, $25k for 2 bedrooms, $50k for 3
  • Rent protection: if buyer’s closing date overlaps with their lease term, Spire buyers may receive reimbursement of rent otherwise due to a landlord under existing tenant obligations
  • Down payment assistance: for buyers who prefer not to sell stock or otherwise prefer a lower down payment, Spire is offering special financing that may reduce your down payment requirement
  • Interest rate locks: Spire can help you lock in today’s historically low interest rates up to 12 months in advance

It is nice to see them offering some flexibility given many buyer’s stock portfolios have taken a big hit.

Here’s a look at progress as of March 9th when I was touring Insignia.

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