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Spire owners to start to move in (lots of photos)

By August 20, 2021


This week Spire, the newly completed 41-story 343-unit building welcomed its first owners. We’re helping four of those buyers and are looking forward to them getting their keys!

Sales have really accelerated at Spire as prospective buyers can now tour the building and home, seeing the finished product and witnessing the views for themselves, which are certainly better than imagined. How fast is Spire selling? We heard they put 15+ units under contract in July and are now over 40% sold.

Having now toured many units, what I’ve found to be the most remarkable thing about Spire is how consistently good the view is from every side of the building. Normally you’d avoid the north side of a building, but the north side of Spire is great with views of Lake Union, the Space Needle and some Sound views. Certainly the zoning helps (it steps down dramatically across Denny to protect the Space Needle), but something that really contributes to the views is the thoughtful way they did the windows. By bringing the windows off the floor a foot or so, and taking advantage of an older building code that has since changed, they’re able to do wall-to-wall windows that brings in a ton of light and view. I challenge you to go tour the other new buildings, then tour Spire. I think Spire out performs in this area.

Below is a look at Spire via some of their official media photos.




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