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A $7,000 Rental at 1521

By October 17, 2012

1521, Belltown, Seattle Condos

We thought the Belltown rental we blogged about a few days ago cost a pretty penny at $6,000 a month. Here’s a new listing in the 1521 building on 2nd Ave that’s even higher…in floor number and rent.

The owner of this two-bedroom condo (1723 sq ft)  on the 29th floor is asking for $7,000 a month.

View from the 29th floor at the 1521

You do get magnificent views of Elliott Bay, high end appliances and finishes throughout the unit. That plus the 1521’s many amenities, central location, and two parking spaces. Now, if you’re more budget conscious but still want to live in the luxury of the 1521, here’s a listing on the 10th floor that’s renting for only $5,500 a month. Only.

View from the 10th floor unit at the 1521

This is also a two-bedroom unit, though the square footage is a bit less at 1,644. You still get great views of Elliott Bay and Pike Place Market. I actually like the color scheme in this unit versus the one on the 29th floor. Either way, good luck to the owners. We hope you get exactly what you’re asking for.