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A visit to Mosler Lofts

By December 19, 2007

Mosler Lofts

The other day a few of us from work hopped on the bus and headed down to our co-workers new loft at Mosler Lofts.

Marcella and Chelsea

The interesting story about this loft isn’t the unit itself but rather Adam’s pre-sale experience. Adam purchased the loft twenty months ago with the intent of moving in. However, since signing the purchase and sale Adam went from being a single guy on Capitol Hill to being in a relationship to living with his girlfriend. Meanwhile Mosler pushed back the schedule several times. Once Adam did his first walk through it became pretty clear that the space (a very open one bedroom) wasn’t gotten to work for two people working different schedules. Adam’s now trying to rent the loft and may put it on the market in the new year. He certainly didn’t intend to flip the unit but now he’d very much like to.

Right off the bat the nice thing about the location, and this is true for most of Belltown, is that it is in the bus ride free zone making it easy to get to and from downtown. On the way we passed by Moda:

Moda Construction

Like many condos Mosler has a lobby that feels dated in design even before its finished. Apparently the hanging rings were $50,000+. We all agreed it would have been better to have returned that money to the buyers and opted for a cheaper art installation.

Mosler lobby

My favorite touch was the sticky note on the fire place indicating that it was hot.

Adam at Mosler

Mosler fireplace

The unit is west facing, sixth floor, 650 square feet, 1 bed and 1 bath.

The kitchen turned out really nice (though I don’t know why this photo didn’t):

Mosler kitchen


  • Tall ceilings
  • Exposed ducting
  • Nice full kitchen with quiet appliances (though some will argue a full kitchen is over kill for a ~600 square foot unit)
  • Solid stone counters in bathroom and kitchen instead of tile
  • Shower upgrade instead of bathtub (though they were still working on some tile issues)

    Mosler shower

  • Front loading washer/dryer included
  • Adam was able to pay extra to have them install over head light sockets


  • Cheap hardwood floor (it’s that 3 strip kind)
  • The living area was really small and I’m worried it will feel even smaller once a couch is in it.

    Mosler living room

  • The bedroom was too big (they should have reduced the size of the bedroom and added space to the living area)
  • The bathroom ceiling has a large access panel for the hot water tank or HVAC or something
    Mosler bathroom ceiling

And as always the Mosler Lofts Blog provides good insight into the day to day happenings at Mosler:

  • Leaky ceiling:

    Turned out there was a tub spigot on the 9th floor that was not completely attached thus causing water to go into the wall and down to my 7th floor unit!

  • How to get manuals for your appliances. Tsk tsk for someone forgetting to leave them in the units!

Overall, I like Mosler Lofts but 650 square feet probably wouldn’t have been enough space for me my stuff. And hopefully Adam can find a tenant or a buyer (there is currently 8 units on the market.)

Bonus link: CapHill purchasing takes trust (Hillku)

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