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Barrio Grand Opening Night: Wow!

By December 5, 2008

Capitol Hill

While most of you panned Barrio (even though they have a blog) before it even opened we went tonight, it’s first night open to the public, and thoroughly enjoyed it! (This is my first time to a Kurofsky restaurant.) It’s on Capitol Hill in the 12th and Madison neighborhood and is one of the tenants at Trace North. The place was dark, appropriately loud, and surprisingly filled up with stylish folks of all ages by the time we left. Yes, the yuppies have come to Capitol Hill.

From the decor featuring a 240 candle wall (glad I don’t have to maintain it), circular metal booths, custom raw metal window frames, cocktails, food and to the service it was all great.

Drinks sampled included the Brown Derby, Toronto, and the Paloma. I feel pleasantly buzzed after only two. Chelsea could only handle one (sorry Chels, that’s the truth.)

Appetizers included the Mahi Mahi ceviche and the duo of salsas (smoky anchol chile and roast Tomatillo.)

Dinner was some fancy free range chicken with a Masa cake (whatever those are; they were superb) and a spicy ribeye with really good fingerling potatoes.

And for dessert we had the Churros. A first for me. The chocolate sauce was really good.

My complaints are few; the large cushion on the heavy chairs make you feel like you’re on one of those gym bouncy balls, the menu is a little chaotic and hard to parse and they aren’t done the front door yet so it’s a little drafty.

Time to put on an ironic t-shirt, tight Diesel jeans and get back to my faux hipster Capitol Hill roots down at the Cha-Cha (now displaced to my hood because its old location is a parking lot courtesy of Murrray Franklyn and NIMBY activists.)

Disclaimer: Trace North advertises on this blog. I’m not a foodie. I don’t know much about Mexican food since I grew up in Winnipeg where we only had a Taco Bell.

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