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Delays at the Parc

By June 22, 2007

The Parc

An anonymous reader writes in about their experiences at The Parc by Intracorp. How are Intracorp’s other projects doing? Hasn’t Domaine been delayed as well?

By an anonymous contributor

I bought a place at the Parc in Belltown, signed the purchase and sale [x] months ago for my very own [xxx] sq ft of Seattle. At first I was thrilled…a load off my shoulders, brand new construction by what was sold to me as “an extremely experienced builder”…comforting to a first time home buyer like myself. At that point in time I was given mid to late June as a closing time frame for my unit on the 6th floor. Which brings me to my point/rant. Since that time, I have been given the following updates since closing:

“we are on schedule” (mid to late June)

“Oh, it looks to be early July”

“First two weeks in July”

“Late July”

“First two weeks in August” (this was given to me about 10 days ago when my agent and mortgage broker started applying the pressure…this one was “solid” according to the folks at the Parc)

Just yesterday I was told “some time in October”

And now today I was told “September”…guess they made a month’s worth of progress in one day??

There you have it. Not sure what I am trying to gain from sending this to you, but I wanted to get it out there. I understand there will be delays in new construction, but is it ridiculous to feel like I am getting jerked around? Is the complete lack of communication skills this “experienced”
builder/seller exhibiting normal?

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