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Flood at Mosler Lofts!

By May 29, 2011

Mosler Lofts

Two weeks ago a Mosler Lofts resident got home to their seventh floor unit Saturday night, started drawing a bath and promptly fell asleep. At 6 am on Sunday a neighboring resident awoke to find water flooding their place.

Leaving a bathtub running all night flooded the stack immediately below the unit, the stacks adjoining that stack and the stacks adjoining those. One ceiling collapsed! Sounds like more than 30 units have been affected.

Two weeks later, appliances have been ripped out, units are being gutted and a lot of people have had to find new homes for the next couple months.

Word is that the HOA’s policy is covering the damage to the units and that the flooder will be on the hook for the $10,000 deductible.

I don’t have any photos yet so if anyone has some, send them in!

Of course this isn’t Mosler Lofts first flood. Shortly after opening the building was vandalized and flooded.

I wonder how common accidental flooding is for condos and apartments? I heard that shortly after opening Noma had a similar water event.

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