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Do You Want a Gym at 12th and Madison?

By December 17, 2008

Trace Lofts

I recognize that this blog is quickly in danger of becoming a mouth piece for Ted Schroth. However, in my defense, I would really like a gym in my building because I am very lazy. Also, with this frigid weather I think that cold vacant space beneath my unit is increasing my heating bill. So I’m happy to help with his request for testimonials from folks interested in a gym at 12th and Madison:

The investor for the gym partnership would like to hear as many testimonials as possible, as soon as possible, from people who live/work in our neighborhood for how underserved we are for a gym and how many people would go to a gym if it were located here.

My testimonial would be:

I don’t currently belong to a gym. However, I’m thinking of climbing Mount Rainer this summer and doing the Seattle to Portland ride and I don’t think my twice a week hockey and weekend ski trips to Whistler are going to get me in shape.

I’d gladly pay for a gym to kick my ass a few times a week to get me into shape.

The good news is that I’ll sign up for a year membership but only use a few months of it in order to get ready for these adventures and then I’ll stop going until I find a new adventure. You may worry that I will in fact use more than those few months of a year membership but for two and half years I had a gym membership at both the Pro Clubs in Seattle and NEVER WENT ONCE. I’m your ideal high paying low attendance customer.

And just to do a little original research for this post here are the closest gym’s to 12th and Madison:

Gold’s Gym – 401 Broadway E – 1 mile away – 1.5 stars on Yelp
24 Hour Fitness – 1827 Yale Ave – 1 mile away – 3 stars on Yelp

From reading the reviews for both of those gym’s I think it’s clear we need a quality gym on Capitol Hill. Bonus definitely would be if it were close to me. Though I worry about the noise living above one. Does anyone have experience with that?

Leave a comment if you’d go to a gym a 12th and Madison.

p.s. It doesn’t take much to get Urban Living to write about your projects. Either, go bankrupt or have your project put up for auction OR invite me on a tour of your latest project and buy me a beer so we can commiserate over the crazy commenters.

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