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Denny Blaine

By April 23, 2022

Historic Denny Blaine carriage house with private garden, lake views

Denny Blaine, Houses

By April 23, 2022

Situated in Seattle’s Denny Blaine neighborhood, 205 40th Ave. E is a…

Modern treehouse in Denny-Blaine

Denny Blaine, Houses

By July 2, 2021

Built in 2018, 308 35th Ave. E is a custom-designed modern four-bedroom…

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A Denny Blaine “Sophisticated” Mid-Century

Denny Blaine

By December 8, 2020

1615 40th Ave is mid-century in age, it was built in 1947,…

Denny Blaine Modern by David Fukui

Denny Blaine

By March 20, 2020

182 35th Ave E was designed by architect David Fukui as his…

Remodeled Denny Blaine Mid-Century

Denny Blaine

By October 4, 2019

We love the remodeled mid-century modern at 110 37th Ave E in…

The Carriage House Re-Envisioned by George Suyama

Denny Blaine

By June 5, 2019

204 40th Ave E, is a home, err, carriage house with history!…

A Paul Thiry Designed MCM in Denny Blaine

Denny Blaine

By June 8, 2018

Paul Thiry designed 331 35th Ave E back in 1941 and has…

A Roland Terry in Denny Blaine

Denny Blaine

By May 17, 2018

3738 E High Lane is pretty incredible Roland Terry designed home. Built…

New Denny Blaine Modern

Denny Blaine

By June 19, 2017

323 33rd Ave E is a new modern home that eschews the…

Live in the Trees (in Denny Blaine)

Denny Blaine

By September 22, 2015

Live in the trees in this brand new home in Denny Blaine…