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How-to Research a Foreclosure In Your Building

By June 11, 2011


Got home from vacation the other day to find that a unit in our condo building has been foreclosed upon. Curious about what happened today I dug through King County records to piece together a timeline:

9/17/2007 – Bought for $375,000 with a 0% down loan
11/1/2010 – Stop paying their mortgage of $2,189.96/month
1/25/2011 – Notice of default
2/25/2011 – Notice of trustee’s sale
5/27/2011 – Auction at King County Administration Building
6/2/2011 – Notice posted on unit that it is now owned by Fannie Mae and that it needs to be vacated
??? – Unit goes up for sale

Interesting to see that they were living for six months “rent/mortgage free”. Though I thought foreclosures were taking much longer than that in Washington State (unfortunately I can’t find any good data on length of foreclosures). Surprising that in the fall of 2007 they were able to get a 0% down, interest only loan. I’m very curious to know when it is going to come on the market and at what price.

How I pieced this together:

  1. Looked up parcel number with King County Parcel Viewer
  2. Did a public record search for the parcel number
  3. Read the notice of trustee sale

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