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MLS Watch: Cosmo close to catching 2200

By April 11, 2007

2200 Westlake, Expo 62, Pike Lofts, The Cosmopolitan, The Press

It’s been a boring week, no exciting new re-sale units. If you see any let me know (mail *at* mattgoyer.com) or leave a post in the forums. I often wonder who can afford all these pricey condos especially given the low median condo price in Seattle. The PSBJ has a small article on Washington wages, State wages rank 10th nationally:

Across the state, employees in King County were the highest paid, with an average wage of $1,043 per week. Okanogan County workers were the lowest paid, at an average of $425 per week.

Which won’t quite buy you a re-sale at 2200. Unless you work in the ‘information’ category ‘which pays an average of $2,299 per week.’

Wondering how we will support all this inventory? Seattle Met Blogs has an immigration chart that says we’ve added 219,000 people since 2000.


32 units and 1 lawsuit.


30 units now available. A reader who tracks things a little more closely has this to say about one of the units:

One of the FSBO studios…20th floor (#2008 I’m assuming) Has dropped from 325k to 299k to 279k within the last 2 weeks. Agent owned (Williams Marketing)…listed on CL as an “Investment Opportunity”.

Expo 62

No units on the MLS but a reader had this to say about the sales center:

Has anyone been to their sales center? I don’t know who is responsible for this mess but it needs to be stopped. It’s laughable. Have you seen the outside? It’s got all these strange 50’s swinger quotes (uh, Expo 62 means 1962, not the fifties) in conversation bubbles painted on the side and it looks like a McDonalds. I’d be embarrassed to live there.

Pike Lofts

5 units are available in this 1998 61 unit building. All around $400k and 775 square feet.

Press Condos

Someone left a comment about Press:

Well, A friend of mine just passed on a unit at press. HIs inspection revealed many unpleasant things. used appliances – tehre was lint under the washer and dryer, a hammered whole in the back of one of the kitchen cabinets, but the worse was a window with no flashing which frame was separated from the bulding wall.

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