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More consumer thoughts on Trace and the industry

By January 25, 2007

Trace Lofts

Another comment on Trace worth bubbling up to the front page of the blog:

“Bout to make some dead presidents macking a million G / The money though, it’s got people actin funny yo” – Gang Starr

So… after prequalifying you spend all morning on the phone trying to score an early reservation meeting. If there are any decent floor plans left, you hand over a check to reserve a new home you can’t really picture. You’re not welcome to make any decisions about the colors, materials, etc. Want to kick in a little extra for a decent slab countertop? Tough noogies; you’ll be making dinner on “inca basalt tile.” You get what you get. Think of how cool your neighborhood is while you scrub cookie dough out of the grout in your kitchen workspace.

You aren’t really sure how much the home will cost, and it will range $75,000, $150,000, or $200,000 more or less than you expect. But probably more. Lord knows those Trace booze glasses we got at the event aren’t free.

For a half million dollars I would have expected a washer and dryer in a brand new home. Instead, residents are invited to wash their clothes in a community rain bucket on the rooftop amenity deck. You can dry your clothes on your balcony, if you have one, and if it’s cool with the industry-standard HOA.

The retro-Soviet thing is so hot right now. Compare this with the wicked online auction system at the Madison Lofts and you have a solid plot for a Seinfeld episode.

Check out MLS#: 27011047, MLS #26189812 or MLS #27010295 for a reality check. The firecrib is hot. We don’t need no water.

Yeah, I like the firecrib. Too bad it doesn’t have a view. Those other ones are good finds too.

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