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More info on the Gun Club

By February 8, 2007

Trace Lofts, Trace North

Edward Krigsman from Trace’s marketing firm sent me this article from the Seattle PI, On Dining: All roads lead to your choice of appetizing dining options:

Gun Club is being developed in the 42-unit Trace Lofts (1400 12th Ave.) across 12th Avenue from the Piston & Ring Building. Klebeck called Trace Lofts “a perfect fit for us” with its historic background, 21-foot ceilings and graceful woodwork. In a construction era of tear-downs and slap-ups, Klebeck liked that the developers were interested in the same blend of old and modern style that has been a hallmark of projects by Klebeck and his brother, Michael.

Gun Club is planned in the style of a midcentury Manhattan restaurant-bar, Klebeck said, the sort of elegant postwar place that once would have been tucked into a hotel, food and drinks at the ready and a jazz trio playing. For looks, the 1,600-square-foot space includes a “speakeasy” back door for residents of the Trace, a mahogany bar without a single straight edge, and a mezzanine mirroring its curves. The place is billed as incorporating “American cultural motifs that fuse old school and alternative scenes, ranging from the wild old West to ’50s Las Vegas, from the Rat Pack to the Black Crowes.”

Food will be on the casual side, Klebeck said, featuring updated twists on midcentury comfort meals. Also look for cocktails and a full bar specializing in aged whiskeys.

The project is not as much from the coffee-and-doughnuts route as it may seem, Klebeck said. All the brothers’ projects, after all, have involved adding an updated twist and a Seattle flavor to the well-known. And if they can glamorize a doughnut, why not meat loaf and mashed potatoes?

“It’s all Americana,” he said.

The name is partly a nostalgic nod to the gun clubs once found in many rural communities, partly a reference to the ’80s punk band, Gun Club.

Intrigued? Gun Club isn’t expected to open in lounge form until January, but before that the Klebeck-designed space will be used as the “buyer’s information lounge” for people interested in the lofts. That will open in April. More information online at tracelofts.com.

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