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Mosler Loft Lien Still There Years Later

By February 7, 2010

Mosler Lofts

Years later, Mosler Loft owners are still caught between JE Dunn and the Schuster Group and a $6.7 $2.7 million lien. To shed some light on the problem the owners have started a new public blog, Mosler Lofts Lien.

There is still the lien between JE Dunn and The Schuster Group/Belltown Developing Partners and Chicago Title was supposed to buy a bond with the intention of bonding around and asking the court to release all the individual owners.

Chicago Title, per Stephen Sirianni – Chicago Title Counsel, was in process of purchasing the bond. However it has been over two months and still no action.

Our lawyer James Fick of Bullivant Houser Bailey is working on getting a status from Chicago Title / Stephen Sirianni on the delay.

Hopefully more to come, we would all love to be out from under this lien.

Hopefully they get out from under this soon.

Correction: There was a summary judgment that lowered the original amount of the lien down to approx. $2.7 million.

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