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My dream job

By August 6, 2007

Stewart and Minor

I didn’t realize the folks behind Stewart and Minor were so young and sorry for blogging about an article that is a month old. From the PSBJ, Loft living (via UrbanAsh):

Thinking outside the box, Eugene and Tanya Gershman — two 20-something siblings behind Bellevue’s cutting-edge European Tower — will soon ask Seattleites to consider living inside the cube.

They plan to offer 150 cube-shaped condominiums in their latest project, Stewart & Minor. The site for their proposed hotel/condo tower is located on the southwest corner of Stewart Street and Minor Avenue, just east of a Goodyear Tire store.

I’m days away from being 28 and all I have is one unit at ‘Taj that I’m trading for a bigger unit at Trace (that was said tongue in cheek. I’m very fortunate to be able to afford something in Seattle.) I’d love to trade that to be COO of a company developing a major building in Seattle. Why? What I really want is the ability to not just build something unique but to also have the latitude to approach the marketing and selling process with a customer centric approach where the customer is defined as the person buying the condo. I feel like all the marketing companies cater to the developers and not to the folks buying condos.

I also don’t know if I agree with Blaine Weber that Seattle is hungry for something unique. I know I’m hungry for something unique. And I am really interested in this particular project, especially if a high degree of customization is allowed, but there are several unique projects on the market right now that just aren’t selling or didn’t sell well in the pre-sales phase. I’m thinking specifically of Lumen and Queen Anne High School. While not cubes like this, they are projects that broke the mold but didn’t see sales success like other projects in the area.

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