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Odds and ends: Wysong conversions, water at Mosler, 120 Pike St blocking views

By March 5, 2008

1, 120 Pike St, Mosler Lofts

As the dead hard readers noticed a missed a number of days blogging recently. It likely had something to do with work.

Speaking of which, I recently added a module that shows the latest Seattle condos over on the right. Interesting? Not interesting? What improvements would you make? (I’d like to see the thumbnail but that would definitely raise the ire of the NWMLS.)

So while I was gone what did I miss…

Over at Rain City Guide Craig Blackmon wrote about Having second thoughts about that High-End Condo presale and offers some suggestions:

Since every POS changes between the initial, presale version and the final version, a buyer can usually use these changes to negotiate at least a partial return of the earnest money.

What success have Urban Living readers had in backing out of contracts? I know one Urban Living reader who was determined to get out of his and I believe was unsuccessful.

The Seattle Specialist had a few interesting post. One wonders about water problems at newly constructed Mosler Lofts. Another talks about a broker only event at SLU. Apparently they have a brokers only website. Hmmmm.

They also have a report on the Environmential Impact Meeting for 120 Pike Street:

If you are familiar with the 1521 project in mid-construction next door, you’re probably quite aware of this proposed project. If approved, all of the lower south-facing units in the 1521 will have their views almost completely blocked by a concrete wall just a few feet outside their windows. Most of the comments at the meeting were from future property owners of the 1521

Back here at Urban Living there was heated dicsussion about the market. EconE versus a real estate agent. Always good times to watch.

There was also a revival of this post about Decatur, with more anti-Wysong conversion comments. Apparently Kristin had to rescind because of what she found during her inspection:

I rescinded my offer. It was a very painful decision to make. I’m heartbroken; I absolutely loved that place and was thrilled to be able to buy it during a multiple offer situation. But there were too many unknowns.

I privately hear a lot of bad things about Seattle conversions of apartments to condos. I’ve been very hesitant about blogging about them for fear of being attacked by a developer for libel. But let’s just say that I have heard negative things about most of the major conversion groups and buildings on the markets. I would never buy a conversion.

The agent bloggers have all blogged about delays and changes at 1:

The Seattle Times has also written about the delay, Downtown Seattle hotel-condo project put on hold:

Construction of the luxury 1 Hotel & Residences is on hold until at least late summer while the $200 million downtown Seattle project undergoes a redesign to become more appealing to lenders, its developer says.

I guess it is naive to think that developers build condos for people to occupy.

Interestingly enough even though I was invited to a private launch party for 1 and have received a number of press releases and other announcements. Not surprisingly, I have not received anything from their PR firm about the latest changes.

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