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OMG They Took Down the Crane!

By April 21, 2008

Four Seasons Private Residences

I love ridiculous press releases like this one from the Four Seasons, Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences Seattle Reaches Tower Crane Removal Milestone:

“The tower crane’s removal is a significant milestone,” said John Oppenheimer, managing partner of The Seattle Hotel Group.

They even go on to explain how they remove the crane:

To disassemble the tower crane, general contractor Lease Crutcher Lewis stationed one of the West Coast’s largest mobile cranes to the west of the building, along Western Avenue. Transportation of the mobile crane’s parts to the site required 14 semi-truckloads. Operators used the mobile crane first to remove the jib, counter jib, mast and operator’s cab, and then to dismantle sections of the tower crane from top to bottom, finishing with removal of the crane’s base. The tower crane’s components will be hauled away in 12 semi-truckloads. The mobile crane reached 300 feet from lower Western Avenue to the top of the First Avenue building, making it the highest, longest “pick” in the area. Lease Crutcher Lewis can now finish the interior spaces the crane had occupied on eight of the 21 floors.

And there are pictures!

See more photos.

Does the Four Seasons of all Seattle new construction really need puff press releases like this!?

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