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Photos from Gallery at 2911 2nd Ave

By October 16, 2008


A few weekends ago we swung by Gallery at 2911 2nd Ave (worst name ever for SEO purposes) to check it out in person. They’ve got the first few floors down few people having already moved in, yet it will be a few more months for the top floors to finish.

Turns out some of you depend on this blog more for updates than the sales team. Here’s what one reader wrote:

Where’s your Gallery update? Don’t you know I completely rely on the blogs to keep me up-to-date on construction progress :) The team at Gallery is simply too busy to provide any current/future buyers updates online… one crappy construction photo about every 3 months is making me crazy.

At the time they were 50% sold and had 8 furnished units to show off with more to be finished for the grand opening party that should be coming up soon. Here’s their price sheet. HOA’s are around $0.50/square foot.

The common areas include a DWR furnished lobby (i I love the Gigi chairs (I have one too) and the Rotor table (I regret not buying the one I saw on Craigslist)), work out room, mini business center with a few PCs and a small meeting room, pool table, TV area and a full kitchen with dining room (they have place settings so you don’t need to lug yours down.) There’s also two guest suites owned by the HOA and available for $80/night (Laura mentioned that this is good because the HOA could always sell them to raise cash) and they’re probably the only guest suite in town with a Viking range. The common areas are all air conditioned (only the two bedroom units have air conditioning) and oddly the halls feature water fountains.

They used a variety of designers to stage their model units and you can definitely tell the difference from the good ones from the bad ones (Jon Rosichelli was not surprisingly the best.)

Overall the units are nice. Definitely nicer than what I saw at The Parc down the street. Though some units you could already see the wear on the floors. There’s decent sound insulation from the street and the floor to ceiling windows are nice.

Some floors plans were really nice with laundry rooms and everything (you don’t realize how valuable a laundry room or in-unit storage room is until you don’t have one!)

Though of course, they still have a lot of unsold units and in this market they are going to be hard to move.

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