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Question for readers: Developer signage

By October 2, 2007


By an anonymous guest contributor

After more than a year of searching I finally bought my dream condo. During my walk through I asked that they remove the sign covering three windows. You can see the sign in this photo:

Downtown Condo

I understood that this wouldn’t be a problem. Of course you can’t imagine my surprise when I recently closed and received the keys and the sign was still up.

I talked to the marketing firm that same day and was told it was in the process of being removed. Several days pass and it is still up. I then tried emailing the person in charge of onsite marketing and their email was down. I then called and spoke to one of their employees who asks if I would consider leaving the sign up for several months in exchange for $500. I laugh and counter with $3000/month. They laugh back. I assume this means the sign would be coming down the next day but still it remains up. I then begin visiting the sales center every day and emailing every day. Still nothing. They supposedly ’emailed the developer’ number of times but no response. I ask if they could try calling the developer and apparently they did because I get this emai:

The process for removing the banner has begun. The seller is coordinating with the sign company who installed. They will need to coordinate the rental and delivery of the lift.

That was five days ago. The sign is still up. I’m tempted to take it down for them but it’s secured very well and I don’t really want to risk my balance on a 4″ ledge.

What would you do next?

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