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Question from a reader about conversions

By September 10, 2007


By guest contributor Anonymous

I live an a condo building that was recently converted from apartments. We have not paid HOA dues yet, the developer is still managing the building. Recently the sales office closed. The developer has secured a tenant who now occupies the former sales office. Currently, the receptionist for the sales team is occupying our lobby. Additionally, the sales team has been keeping the front door of our building open so anyone can walk in (I believe the sales team office is in an unsold unit on the top floor). NUMEROUS times I have come home to an unlocked entrance door with no receptionist in sight. As if this weren’t bad enough, they are now also keeping our rolling garage gate completely open so that potential buyers can pull right in with unlimited access. There is NO SECURITY in the garage. Anyone could pull in and walk through the common areas and loiter as they please.

Urban Living-ites, do you have any advice on how to address these issues? With the developer still managing the building, are the tenants without rights as far as building access needing to be restricted? Obviously the building will migrate to HOA at some point. But now matters most to me. This building is not in a vacuum in outer space where no one walks by. Everyone from commuters to vagrants to stadium event attendees pass by our building every day en masse. I am frustrated by a lack of response to these issues so far with building management. Can anyone provide some talking points for me?

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