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Resident Stalls Pine and Belmont Development

By April 1, 2008

Pine and Belmont

The Slog has an updated on what is going on, or not going on, with the Pine and Belmont development by Murray Franklyn, How a Crusade to Save the Pike-Pine Neighborhood Is Turning an Active Block Into a Gravel Lot—For at Least a Year. In short a Capitol Hill resident, Dennis Saxman, feels that the current design violates city law and is petitioning the King County Superior Court. Earliest something might be built is a year from now:

So while Saxman, developers, and City duke it out downtown, we’re left with a vacant lot on Capitol Hill. It might step up design standards in the neighborhood in the long haul, however unlikely, but in the interim we’re left with a vacant gravel expanse. The space might be better used if it actually were a parking lot.

I’ve been meaning to catch up with Dennis for a month now after first hearing about this on a Capitol Hill mailing list. Fortunately the Stranger has reporters and wrote a pretty thorough blog post.

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