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Enso and Rollin Street update

By February 26, 2007


Vulcan sent out this update on Enso and Rollin today. Are people still excited about either developments? I didn’t think there was much interest in Veer and boy was I wrong. Will Enso or Rollin surprise me too? Are any of you planning on purchasing a unit? Later tonight I’ll post my favorite units in my price range.

On Enso:

The Sellen construction team is hard at work getting the site ready for excavation. The first step is installing piles along the perimeter of the site. These pilings will provide support for the underground parking garage and the building structure. In an effort to be polite to our neighbors, we are drilling for the pilings and then placing them in the ground, rather than the usual practice of driving the pilings (which is very noisy).

…I was in our San Francisco office last week and they were driving piles for a building down the street and the noise was driving me crazy. They tell me it’s been going on for weeks. I could never work through it. So Vulcan, I’m sure the neighbors will thank you. Though how noisy is drilling?

On Rollin Street:

The Howard S. Wright construction team is hard at work demolishing buildings. The utility work that was occurring earlier in the year will be complete by mid-March. This means that the power lines around Rollin Street will be underground! No power
lines disrupting your view… Once the team is done with the demolition, they’ll begin preparing the site for excavation. You can watch the activity on our webcam which will be on the Rollin Street website in the coming week.

On their websites:

We have also been busy constructing new features for our website at [rollin/enso]. The most fun new one is our home design tool. With the new home design tool you can pick individual finishes for a Rollin Street home and see how they look together. Mix and match and play with tile, slab countertops, flooring and more. You can even take the furniture out of the image. Once you’ve selected all of your finishes, the design tool will create a printable brochure for you!

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