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Seattle Apartment Leasing Experience is Terrible

By April 8, 2014

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Dear Seattle Apartment Owners,

Your leasing experience is generally terrible. We know we’re in the midst of an apartment boom and you’re leasing up faster than you can imagine. But we’ve been frustrated with nearly every interaction we’ve had recently.

Here’s a quick summary of the problems:

50%+ Don’t Get Back to Us

Over half of the apartments we recently contacted did not get back to us. And many who got back to us did so with a really long form email re-iterating everything that is on your website paying no attention to the personalized note we sent.

Email Address?

Lead generation forms are great and all but sometimes we want to use email so we can remember who we emailed and what. You should be using a lead management system that tracks leads not just from your lead forms but from email and phone numbers too. Speaking of phone numbers, make them easy to find! And answer when we call!

Can We Email Please?

It drives me crazy when I want to email but you want to talk on the phone. Maybe it is more convenient for you if we call to schedule a showing, but it is more convenient for us if we can email.

Don’t Blow Us Off

We’ve been stood up twice recently which is super frustrating.

Urban Living + Seattle Renters

p.s. If you need help auditing your current experience and making improvements. We’d be happy to help!

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