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South Lake Union Lottery Has Begun

By September 20, 2006

Enso, Veer Lofts

From an email from the SLU folks today:

Just thought I would let you know the lottery drawings for at least Enso and
Veer have begun. Day 1 of appointments for Enso is January 23rd. Day 1 of
appointments for Veer is December 4th.

I entered all three lotteries and haven’t received any calls yet. Also, those home appointment dates are way in the future. I really rushed to sell my home in Canada so I’d have some cash on hand for the 5% deposit and it looks like there really was no hurry. The good side of this is that by December we’ll have a better picture of the condo supply and demand picture.

Post your appointment dates as you get notified :).

Update: I got a call for Veer. My appointment is on December 8th at 9:45am. People are given 15 minutes to review the board (so presumably the next appointment after me is at 10am) and then they expect it will take an hour to an hour and a half to complete the paperwork. If they started Veer appointments on the 4th this puts me fairly down the list which sucks. The lady who called me did say that there have been a number of people who haven’t RSVP’d within the 8 hours, others have said no thanks, and others have purchased elsewhere. She also confirmed that the models will be unveiled early to mid October (but Vulcan is slipping on lots of dates so I don’t know how solid that is).

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