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Steve Sauer’s 182 SF Condo

By August 23, 2010

Seattle Condos

The Seattle Times recently did a feature on a tiny Seattle condo, Tiny apartment shows the value of a good fit:

Homeowners are building smaller in general. It’s economical and ecological. But few do it in 11-feet-3-inches wide, by 16-feet-2-inches deep, by 10-feet-4-inches tall (Sauer is very accurate) with two beds, a full kitchen with a dishwasher, bathroom with a shower, a soaking tub set into the floor just inside the front door. On three living levels. There’s also closet space, a dining table and storage for two bikes. All of it contemporary and in cool blue, with accents of black, red and white.

Wow. I shall never complain about 889 square feet again! Be sure to check out the pics.

Update: Cosmo Seattle has a few more details on this really small condo, Pico-Dwelling by Steve Sauer which includes a link to Steve’s site which has tons more details on the project, pico-dwelling.

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