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Still no view from the living room

By October 10, 2007


You don’t know how frustrating it has been to see this lift sitting under my window since last week:


I emailed and then volunteered in person that if no one from Windermere Commercial, RAFN, EK, GTS or the sign company was available that I’d be happy to remove the sign if they lent me the keys.

In other news my law librarian friend who is quite knowledgeable on all things legal mentioned that the idea of writing a letter outlining a reasonable time line for removal and then saying I would take it down and charge them would probably hold up well in small claims court.

It also sounds like it might be some time before they lease that retail space since they are asking $40/square foot. Apparently a number of Capitol Hill establishments have been interested (especially those like B&O facing eviction to make room for more condos/apartments) but have found that they aren’t budging on the high per square foot costs.

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