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The industry doesn’t listen

By January 25, 2007

Trace Lofts

I’m sure the few developers and marketing folks who stumble upon this site dismiss me as a nerdy guy with no life and likely suspect that no one reads or visits this blog. This of course could not be further from the truth. This site has many hundreds of visitors a day and receives thousands of page views every day from these visitors. These visitors are customers just like me. I encourage everyone ‘in the business’ to read this recent comment from a visitor to the site. It closely echoes my own feelings:

I just received a reminder from Trace for early registration. So I let them know that I was dissapointed with their party. (Although I loved La Spiga’s new place. The building is amazing!) No showrooms no material boards etc.. So apearantly if you are willing to put down the huge amount of reservation payment now, you get to visit the lofts and see the views in April. and if at that time you change your mind, then you get your money back with interest. Personally I’m so tired of all these marketting strategies.. Parties, presentation centers… Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t all get added to the final cost of the condo I’m buying?

I was at the south lake union discovery center last week. and I really appreciate that the center is a sustainable building. Miller Hull did a good job with that. but all the projects presented at the center was designed by firms like Callison which we all know are only in the game for the money.. It’s just interesting that Vulcan would spend money to get a super sustainable presentation center, but not put the same effort for the actual houses they’re selling. I think only the enso is leed certified, and only at Silver level…

Like this customer I too am frustrated by Trace. They are so close to completion yet their price range for some units is $150,000. Contrast this with the Vulcan projects which are essentially vacant lots and their price ranges have been narrowed down to a range of approximately ~$20,000. And no material boards or renderings at the party was simply in-excusable. And yes, the buyer is the one paying for the parties, the marketing on the side’s of buses (Lumen and Second + Pine), the full page newspaper spreads at $40k/weekend, the agents giving you the hard sell, etc.

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