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WOW – The Sanctuary / First Church Photos

By May 31, 2009

The Sanctuary

This afternoon we stopped The Sanctuary aka First Church at 1519 E Denny Way and were totally blown away. From the stained glass, to the polished concrete floors, slab carrera marble, lighting, exposed steel from the earthquaking to the views the place will be one of my favorite urban projects in Seattle.

So far they have a model unit with the other units framed in but not yet finished. They’re estimating an August completion date. Prices range from $995,000 to $1,687,000. Square footage ranges from 1,543 to 2,622. Seems like half the units have decks. There is parking and “ample storage”. Apparently they’ve even wired the storage so you can plug stuff in. These aren’t condos so there isn’t a HOA fee. But there will be a $50-75/month maintenance fee. As for taxes, as a historic landmark for the first ten years you’ll get a property tax rebate saving you about 50% on taxes.

I have to admit I didn’t “get” the layout until I saw it. Basically there are 12 units that form a circle and face into an inner courtyard, the “Sanctuary”. The windows facing into the sanctuary are for the most part frosted to prevent a fish bowl effect. However, there are clear sky lights so you can see the original ceiling.

The model unit kitchen has no real windows which I thought was weird but they told us that they’re going to be installing a window system that lets you still have the full stained glass window but you’ll be able to pivot it out of the way and have a clear window. Sounds fancy.

All my photos. They definitely don’t do the place justice. GO SEE IT. If I had a million dollars to buy a condo right now this where I’d buy.

In terms of traffic they had about 70 people in today and a little more the day before.


Unit 1 – 2,594 sq. ft. – $1,687,000 – Has private elevator
Unit 2 – 2,452 sq. ft. – $1,475,000 – Has semi-private elevator
Unit 3 – 2,622 sq. ft. – $1,575,000 – Has deck
Unit 4 – Sold
Unit 5 – 2,531 sq. ft. – $1,295,000
Unit 6 – 2,476 sq. ft. – $1,295,000
Unit 7 – Sold
Unit 8 – 1,543 sq. ft. – $1,025,000
Unit 9 – 2,170 sq. ft. – $1,025,000 – Has deck
Unit 10 – 2,230 sq. ft. – $995,000 – Has deck
Unit 11 – 2,221 sq. ft. – $995,000 – Has deck
Unit 12 – 2,090 sq. ft. – $1,254,00 – Has 2 decks


(There’s also a rotated version though the quality sucks)

Update: They now have the model unit on the MLS. The photos are much nicer than mine. I wish they would have maxed out the 15 photo limit though.

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