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The Stranger on Belltown noise issues

By February 14, 2007


The Stranger, Downtown Dilemma – Nickels’s Bar Restrictions Won’t Help Belltown Condo Owners Sleep Any Easier:

The Cooks, in other words, personify the kind of empty-nest Belltown residents we at The Stranger have vilified over the years. They moved to a neighborhood with lots of bars and clubs (fewer then, but still more than other parts of town) and now they hate the noise, they hate the smoke, and they hate the traffic brought into Belltown by hundreds of bar-hopping suburbanites every weekend night.

While I welcome later closing times I am unconvinced it will solve the noise problem; it will merely postpone the noise problem to a later hour.

Firstly, if I were concerned about noise but wanted to live downtown I wouldn’t move to Belltown. I’d move to Fifth and Madison or some other downtown development not near bars or restaurants. Or I’d move to a neighborhood like Queen Anne where you’re close to the action but get some peace and quiet at night.

Secondly, if I were going to buy there I’d buy in a building with air conditioning and well insulated windows.

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