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The Stranger on Liz Dunn & POWHat and 2200

By April 23, 2007


Last week’s The Stranger had two condo related tidbits.

The first was a letter to the editor, Happy Homeowner:

You stated you just wanted to get a feel from the residents of their experience of living there and if Vulcan had met their expectations. I went on to say that it has been a great experience and that I very much enjoyed living there. You stated that many residents have had problems and that things were not getting completed or had shoddy workmanship. I stated this was not my case and that I was happy with the work and had not incurred these same problems you mentioned of others.

But in your article [“Trouble in Paradise,” April 12] you lumped me together with an “anonymous” tenant and went on to mention many problems, inferring that I, too, was in a similar situation. I stated to you that my situation was quite the contrary and that my transition was a smooth one. In the second part of the same paragraph, you use the phrase “they say” when I did not say any of those things.

The second an article on the recent POWHat meeting, Building Resistance: Developer Liz Dunn Challenges Assumptions:

The group that represents part of the neighborhood around the Pike/Pine corridor, POWHAT (Pine–Olive Way–Howell Area Triangle neighborhood association), had a meeting last week that turned momentarily ugly when a resident laid into a developer who was in attendance.

I don’t really have any color on this other than to say that I’ve liked everything I’ve seen of Liz Dunn’s work so far and would be inclined to listen to any recommendations she had for dealing with the Pine and Belmont eye sore. We need to band together.

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