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The Townhome Invasion!

By July 18, 2007


The Stranger had an article recently on the latest housing trend, Townhome Invasion:

Townhomes are popping up all over Seattle as development booms, and some developers are using a process called “piecemealing” to expedite new construction. In piecemealing, a developer can purchase several small adjacent lots, file separate permits for each lot, and skirt the pesky public-comment period and environmental reviews that accompany major construction projects.

I get a lot of email at work from Redfin customers who want to be able to filter out townhomes from their searches. Unfortunately the MLS does not have a category for townhomes like it does for condos and so townhomes go in either category as the listing agent sees fit.

The best email exchange I saw about townhomes was initiated by the editor of Seattle Sweet Digs for email me and cc’d our CEO:

Blog readers hate townhomes too! Matt I’ll bake you cookies if you make it so we can filter out Style==townhome!


Phinsmum said:
I hate townhomes and I wish I could exclude them from Redfin searches. I hate how hastily they go up and how unimaginative the architecture is. They’re like roaches.

To which our CEO replied,

I just bought a townhome.

Personally I feel that much of the townhomes are lacking in the architecture department. I know I certainly wish I could have found a nice modern boutique townhome development on Capitol Hill (The 1100 E Howell project is close.)

And of course some readers feel that townhomes are just a ticking timebomb.

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