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Three19 and the Meritage

By June 13, 2006

Meritage, three19

Recently Wendy did a review of Three19 and the Meritage:

All in all, Meritage and Three19 have a great location, good pricing, and nice finishes. I would rate both of them a 4.5/5.

Having paid attention to both (and bought at the Meritage) what are my thoughts?

If you’re looking for a two bedroom, I think the Meritage has much nicer floor plans. All of the Meritage two bedroom units are corner units and I really like how they’re laid out. While Three19’s two bedrooms are also corner units they don’t take advantage of the corner the same way the Meritage does and walking through their units and looking at the floor plan I get the feeling like the unit is going to feel like just another two bedroom while the Meritage are going to feel open and airy (I sound like a real estate agent). However, Three19’s units have real balconies while not all the Meritage two bedrooms do.

If you’re looking for a one bedroom with a view the Meritage has a lot of west facing choices, though I don’t like the west facing floor plan. On the other hand Three19 does not have any west facing one bedrooms. This immediately puts it out of consideration for me. For east facing units, I think both developments have good floorplans.

In terms of finishes, I haven’t seen Three19’s but from what I’ve read and hear they sound better. For instance, Three19 comes with hardwood floors, a storage unit, and tile flooring in the bathroom. At the Meritage, hardwood floors and storage units are upgrades and you don’t even have the option of tile flooring or a non-laminate countertop in the bathroom. But of course, the Meritage is cheaper per square foot.

Now I bought at the Meritage so that should tell you something, but I must say I’m a little jealous of my friend’s unit at Three19. Good thing it’s not west facing or else I’d be really jealous!

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