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Top Seattle Architectural Firms By Revenue

By July 19, 2010


The Architectural Record has a blog post onthe top 250 US architecture firms by 2009 revenue:

The combined revenue for the Top 250 firms in 2009 totalled $10.2 billion (B), $2B less than the year before. As difficult as it is to comprehend the evaporation of so much money from the profession’s income stream, growth over the past half-decade was phenomenal, and undoubtedly unsustainable. In 2005, income for the largest 25 firms on the list was $3.3B. By the end of 2008, that had increased a whopping 94 percent, to $6.4B. In any industry that would be a huge gain. In 2009, their income declined to $5.1B.

Visually 2009 looks like this:

And for those curious here’s the four Seattle firms in the top 250:

#9: NBBJ – $201.84 million
#14: Callison – $119.50 million
#93: NAC|Architecture – $28.97 million
#172: The Miller|Hull Partnership – $11.27 million

(Where is Weber Thompson, Callison,…?)

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