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A Tour of 1521

By January 27, 2009


Thanks to Sam, Susan and Tara for the tour of 1521 today.

They didn’t trust my amateur photography so I’ll post “official” photos just as soon as they shoot them and send them over.

I won’t blog about the usual details that you can find on the 1521 website but note some of the highlights instead:

  • 11 (of 143) units left
  • Cheapest unit remaining is $975k.
  • 7 sales in January
  • The views from all units are AMAZING. Normally I’d never buy a north or east facing unit but every floor plan had killer views and got lots of light (I visited at around 1pm.)
  • Cabinetry is all custom and from Quebec. They did this instead of the Pedini, Poliform, etc. so it could be completely custom built to match their interiors and so they weren’t relaying on an overseas vendor in case something went wrong.
  • Buyers had the option of a 38″ counter height. Many took it. To me it felt like the right height for the bathrooms (I’m 5’10”.)
  • I don’t see what the fuss about the “A” stack is. I wouldn’t have noticed I was in the hotly contested A stack unless it was pointed out to me what the problem was.
  • Air rights for surrounding projects have been secured. The lot to the west is owned by the same developer and will be re-built as a seven story building. The lot to the south-west is turning into a deluxe Starbucks with 30 year lease. The Deja Vu has 12 years left on their lease.
  • The units come with window coverings
  • The master bath has a Toto Neorest remote controlled heated seat toilet + bidet combo. We talked more about the toilet than a lot of other details of the condo. Apparently it’s the Bentley of toilets. I had no idea there was demand for bidets but apparently there is and with square footage being at a premium the Neorest is perfect for condos.
  • No trash chutes. Each floor has a recycling and garbage room where you put your stuff. The service elevator opens up to this room where magic happens and the trash is taken out for you.
  • Each unit has a “water cop” that monitors for water leaks and will shut down your water supply if it finds one.
  • I’ve never thought about the need for two entrances to a unit but some of the units on the higher floors have them. Apparently they’re for live-in help.
  • Maybe I haven’t been to a gym recently but their fitness center has machines with built in iPod docks and TVs.
  • There’s a kids room for the grand kids.
  • They sold 25 work studios in the garage. They were approx 200 square feet, empty shells, with water roughed in. They all sold. Price was $60-100k.
  • Buyers are predominately local. 50% were already living in downtown Seattle.
  • Average buyer makes about $750k/year
  • Many buyers are older and aren’t on email or have cell phones.

Anyone catch the lighting of the whole building at 5 PM? I was in meetings all afternoon & evening.

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