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The Townhome Explosion By the Numbers

By October 24, 2016


Having helped a number of clients buy townhomes recently we were curious about the premium that different neighborhoods command so we dove into the 358 townhome sales so far this year to figure out dollars per square foot by neighborhood.

We found that for dollars per square foot, Eastlake leads the pack, but that is distorted by the high end townhomes at the Residences at Fairview. Not surprisingly Capitol Hill and Queen Anne top the list.

For the number of sales, it isn’t surprising that Ballard is leading the pack since it feels like every lot is under development there!

Most expensive neighborhoods

Avg. $/Sq. Ft.
Eastlake $659/sf
North Capitol Hill $533/sf
Queen Anne $511/sf
Capitol Hill $490/sf
University District $483/sf
Fremont $477/sf
Madison Valley $462/sf
Wallingford $461/sf
Ballard $449/sf
Magnolia $430/sf
Wedgwood $426/sf
Maple Leaf $411/sf
Central District $407/sf
North Beacon Hill $398/sf
Beacon Hill $386/sf
Green Lake $383/sf
Crown Hill $381/sf
Judkins $363/sf
Greenwood $361/sf
Mount Baker $353/sf
Columbia City $333/sf
Rainier Beach $304/sf

Most sales

# of Sales YTD
Ballard 87
Central District 38
Columbia City 24
Beacon Hill 21
Capitol Hill 21
Judkins 18
Fremont 16
Greenwood 15
Wallingford 14
Queen Anne 13
Rainier Beach 12
Wedgwood 11
Magnolia 11
Crown Hill 10
N Beacon Hill 9
North Capitol Hill 8
Madison Valley 7
Mount Baker 5
University District 5
Green Lake 5
Eastlake 5
Maple Leaf 5

Methodology: we looked at all townhomes built and sold in 2016, including standalone townhomes.

Disclaimer: Statistics not compiled or published by the Northwest Multiple Listing Service.

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