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Trace delayed again!

By August 31, 2007

Trace Lofts

I just spent the afternoon and evening flying to Salt Lake City and back. Please don’t ask.

But while in Salt Lake City I did get a call from my Redfin Transaction Coordinator that Trace has been delayed to (at least) September 17th because supposedly the inspector got in a car accident.


There is only one inspector?

And they got in a car accident today, the day of the inspection?*

And not just a fender bender but a car accident that is going to delay things a week?

And there is no one else to do the inspection?



I’d be curious to know if this was going to be their first inspection or the last. Because if it’s the first then I’m going to worry about all the defects they’re going to find once they get their car fixed and drive over to Trace accident free.

Well good look everyone re-booking your accommodations**, movers, renovation people, re-drawing your loan docs, re-signing your paper work, etc. All I can say is suckers you should have not sold your other condos so fast. Pays to leave things to the last minute like me. I still have a place to live, just locked my rate a week ago and haven’t even thought so far ahead as to moving!

*I sincerely hope that no one was seriously injured in this car crash. Condos can wait.

**If you are homeless, I know several of you will be, I’d be happy to let you crash on my condo floor. I’m desperate for some rent money to cover my soon to be double mortgage payments.

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