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Trace developer acquires Oddfellows Hall?

By October 17, 2007

Trace Lofts

From the Slog, Thou Shalt Not Freak Out (Yet):

Yes, yes, the Oddfellows Hall—home of the Century Ballroom, Velocity Dance Center, Freehold, two well-loved fringe theaters, and bunches of arts organizations and non-profits—has been sold.

Or is about to be sold. Or something.

Neither the current nor the future owners have returned our calls, but rumor says it’s pretty much a done deal (pending one small legal matter, allegedly about property lines, that should be resolved within days if it isn’t already).

Those rumors have been breathless and panicked, as members of the aforementioned arts organizations and nonprofits have wondered if their beautiful old brick building will be torn down to build a stack of ugly—if lucrative—condo units.

Thanks to Rachel for the tip (I try to read the Slog but they post way too often.)

Update: Hillku asks, Are you a smart developer?:

Another purchase?
Arts orgs on the line? Try this:
blend culture and home.

Update 2: Looks like it sold to Ted Schroth, Trace Lofts developer, treasured dance hall sold, and will be managed by Redside Partners.

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