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Trace Eve

By April 21, 2007

Trace Lofts

Tomorrow is my purchase and sale appointment at Trace. If you’ve followed the blog, comments and forums you’ll know that I originally had my hopes set on either #301 or a fourth or fifth floor unit. The top floor units feature balconies or terraces, floor to ceiling windows and on the fifth floor 14′ ceilings. Except I had reservation remorse after putting together spreadsheet after spreadsheet of comparables and a few sleepless nights. In recent days I’ve come to gain a greater appreciation for what the second and third floor units have to offer. They have killer ceiling details, exposed brick and a somewhat lower price point. Except no balconies. Though for as long as I’ve lived in Seattle I haven’t had a balcony and it has not been a big deal. Why have I been so hung up on one? It’s a nice to have not a need to have.

On Thursday I found out that I really disliked the unit I reserved and canceled my reservation. However, they had an opening elsewhere. Not quite the unit I wanted, it’s pretty small, but it’s better than not getting a unit at Trace. I’m sure with some remodeling I can open it up and maximize the square footage. But in the meantime while I try and distract myself with work and cheap booze I’ve had both buyers and agents e-mailing me about what has been going today. I’m trying not to get my hopes up but it sounds like, as expected, not everyone is signing. Of course #301, my favorite unit, has been signed. Justin and Rachel won it fair and square with their mad phone dialing skills. Next time I will hire a call center to work on my behalf.

So if one of the units I’m pining for is available the search will be over. I will have found a great place to live in and call it home. If not, I’ll take the fall back unit, renovate it and still keep on top of the market. Of course the latter will be good for this blog, the former, not so much but maybe I’m underestimating how hard it is to kick the condo addiction :).

Tonight reminds of Christmas eve as a kid. I’m on pins and needles in anticipation of what tomorrow will bring.

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