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Trace North Retail: Pizza Fusion is Out

By April 1, 2009

Trace North

A week ago Pizza Fusion, which only opened in November, in the Trace North retail space, closed its doors.

Pizza Fusion wasn’t perfect; the interiors and design, while well intentioned and “green”, it didn’t quite fit in with the Capitol Hill vibe. However, we did love its convenience and would often order take out. (Sadly, we have a bunch of unused gift certificates.) And they certainly did take a liking to Twitter of which I’m a fan.

Monday I had coffee with Ted, the developer, for Trace and he’s not surprisingly looking for someone to come in and take over, a basically brand new fully equipped, pizza restaurant. Pizza Fusion’s loss could be your gain! Just don’t make the mistake of buying 4 brand new delivery vehicles before you start deliveries.

But I think more than a pizza restaurant, what I’d really like is a deli and bakery. The Hill is sorely in need of both of those.

On the sales front – Trace North has sold 49 homes, has 6 pending, 3 in negotiation, and 42 on the market. Putting them at 50%. I also called Brix today who is reporting 69 of 141 sold.

On the other retail front – the bar opening in Trace Lofts has applied for their liquor license (thanks to a reader for the link). They should be opening in the June time frame.

Disclaimer: Trace North is a Urban Living sponsor and I live at Trace Lofts. This makes me really biased. If you want unbiased reporting on condos start your own blog.

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