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Trace upgrades and mortgage update

By August 13, 2007

Trace Lofts

Two weeks to close at Trace. Time for some updates.


I blogged my initial reaction to the ugprades here. I’m still underwhelmed and disappointed that the ‘meet the vendors’ night was on the day before we had to decide what we were rolling into our mortgage. Recommendation for marketing companies, plan the meet the vendors night several weeks before the time we need to commit!

Closet: I talked to their California Closets rep and she produced these drawings [pdf] and this quote [pdf]. Apparently I don’t have much to work with! In talking to her I learned that the installation would happen post close and that we were receiving about a 7% discount on the work (which is apparently a little special, they usually just sell at full price with no discount when bundled with a new condo.) With a $1000 quote I sent it over to Storables who builds similar closets but you need to do the installation yourself. Their quote was $500. I am not going to go with California Closets and will figure something out once I’m settled in.

Window coverings: The estimate for roller shades in the living room and black out coverings in the bedroom was $3200 (excluding tax with ‘free’ installation.) I haven’t shopped this quote around but I suspect I can find something more cost effective. The only kink is that the Trace rules require the side of the window coverings facing outwards to be black.

Appliances: Apparently the company they did the appliance deal with didn’t even supply the stove/fridge/dishwasher so there is no official upgrade program. Looks like the whole purpose of the appliance program is to get a washer dryer. Sadly they didn’t even boil it down to a good/better/best product selection so I’ll have to spend an evening doing product research to find an energy efficient, environmentally friendly and good value washer/dryer. Recommendations very welcome. As for the other appliances, I’ll stop by Albert Lee and see what I can negotiate for unused appliances. I guess this means for the first month or so I won’t be able to use my fridge or stove.

Audio/video: After working for two and half years as a program manager in Microsoft’s eHome division I’m not stupid enough to get sucked into a $5000 Bose music system.


With the ‘Taj still up in the air I haven’t committed to a product yet because if I can’t get the ‘Taj locked up I’m looking at a rate that is .75% higher than if I don’t (full doc vs stated income.) However, I have decided that I will go with the onsite lender, First Horizon. In my comparison with Redfin Financial they had better rates because of the buyer’s bonus even though Redfin had a lower origination fee.


I have my walk through this Thursday, I am going to go without a Redfin field agent and won’t be hiring an inspector. Still no official word on move-in times. Good thing I don’t have to worry about giving notice at an apartment.

Bedroom door

My bedroom door is pretty bad ass:

Bedroom door


Excitement level

With the ‘Taj still on the market I’m pretty stressed and not as excited as I’d like to be.

Bonus link: Paul Graham has an essay on stuff and makes a good read as I prepare to move. Interestingly before putting the ‘Taj on the market I moved a few car loads of stuff to my friend’s basement and I haven’t even thought about what I moved. Maybe I don’t really need any of it?

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